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Loss of a Son Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for the loss of a son are a sad and delicate matter regardless of the gift or length of time since the passing. Often however, even a simple acknowledgement of a parent’s grief can make a tremendous difference to them in a way caring words of loss just can’t. When you offer a token of your care and sympathy, it can make a difference to a mother or father who may feel alone in their sorrow.

Since it can be understandably difficult to know what to get a grieving parent, and as parents who have lost our son, we’ve put together a list of some general gift ideas that are both appropriate and should be appreciated by those who have lost their son, irrespective of when.

Loss of a Son Gift Ideas That Are Practical

In our experience as parents who lost their son, people have different ways to show support for a grieving family. All things considered, grief makes everyday tasks very difficult to handle. So whether you offer easy-to-prepare meals, financial support, or household help, you give a gift that brings welcome relief.

a home cooked meal icon as a gift idea for loss of son

A Home-Cooked Meal 

Undoubtedly, the loss of a son throws the entire family into chaos. As a result, a home cooked meal can be much appreciated at this difficult time. Hearty meals like casseroles, slow cooker dishes, soups, and stews are good choices. Not only are they easy to prepare, such food is filling and easy to eat. Make this offering with disposable cookware so the recipient won’t feel pressure to return a clean dish.

financial help as a gift idea for loss of son

Financial Help as Loss of a Son Gift

Some people shy away from the gift idea of money, since it often seems impersonal or uncaring. But in many instances, a family that suffers the loss of a son experiences financial burdens. Medical and burial costs are often significant, which makes financial help a welcome gift for a parent who grieves the loss of their son. 

In the event you choose to give money, do it in a discreet, respectful way. Put your check or cash inside an envelope with a sympathy card. Hand it to the person you want to receive the money. Mention there is something extra inside in case you worry the card won’t be opened right away. 

service oriented gift as a gift idea for loss of son

Gift Ideas That Are Service-Oriented

It’s very possible the parent who mourns a child can benefit more from something you do, rather than an item you give. In this case, an offer to provide childcare for the afternoon, do some loads of laundry, or go grocery shopping are welcome gestures.

Loss of Son Gift Ideas with Longevity

One of the hardest things to accept about the loss of a son is his brevity of life. As a result, a gift that serves as a tangible reminder of the child can be helpful. At Ian’s Place, we believe that good reminders of a child’s life can bring comfort, hope, and even joy to grieving parents. Consequently, here are some loss of a son gift ideas that have an element of permanence.

memorial bench as a gift idea for loss of son

Donate a Memorial Bench in the Child’s Name

For a child who enjoyed the outdoors or a particular gathering spot, a memorial bench can be a suitable gift. This can be a nice way to keep the memory of a lost child alive for anyone who visits or passes by the bench. Prior to giving this type of gift, you must get permission from local authorities first.

personalized bird feeder as a gift idea for loss of son

Send a Personalized Memorial Bird Feeder

Birds often symbolize messengers between heaven and earth. If you know a mother who grieves the loss of her son, send a personalized memorial bird feeder. Nature has healing power. The simple act of watching birds can be therapeutic for a parent who grieves the loss of their son. There are several beautiful memorial bird feeders available at stores like Amazon or artisanal websites like Etsy. Choose a design that reflects the parent or child’s personality.

charitable donation as a gift idea for loss of son

Give a Charitable Donation in Memory of the Child

When you donate money to a cause that was important to a lost child, it’s a nice way to honor their life. Similarly, for a parent who mourns the loss of an infant, you can give to a charity related to the child’s illness. This type of support is meaningful for a parent who wants their child remembered in an impactful way. Whether you donate to a cause, hospital, school, or recovery program, it’s a thoughtful gesture that communicates that you care.

Loss of Son Gift Ideas for Emotional Support

Without question, the loss of a son is devastating. For relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues who want to support a grieving parent, consider a gift from the heart. This can include anything from sitting with a mourning mother while she processes her grief to listening to a heartbroken father discuss his son. At Ian’s Place, we believe parents who experience the loss of a child can heal through the type of faith and loved that is offered from emotional support..

just be there as a gift idea for loss of son

Observe the Loss of a Son with Your Presence

Unfortunately, many parents who lose a son feel isolated in their grief. Simply sitting with a grieving mother or father can make a tremendous difference. Rather than offering empty words or grand gestures, you can just sit, listen, and be company for someone in their greatest hour of need. When you give a heartbroken parent a safe place to talk, mourn, or sit in silence, it’s often the best gift.

hand written letter as a gift idea for loss of son

Honor the Loss of a Son with a Letter

A heartfelt, handwritten letter is a gift that shows thought, care, and support. When you write a letter to a grieving mother or father, don’t offer advice on how to mourn. Instead, offer your sincere sympathy. If you can share a happy memory of the lost son, please do so. Such stories are more precious than gold to a parent who has lost their child. If you are at a loss for words, you can include a quote, prayer, or Bible verse to provide comfort for the loss of a son.

Help Is Available for Parents of Lost Children

Understandably, it’s hard to know how to support a parent who suffers the loss of a child.
That’s why, after we lost our son Ian, we decided to create a safe space for parents to grieve.

If you know of a mother or father who struggles with the loss of their child, please encourage them to reach out. We are here to listen.