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Coping with the Loss of a Child

Coping with the loss of a child is a heartbreaking task that lasts a lifetime. Whether you are a newly bereaved parent or lost a child many years ago, we are here for you.

Because Ian’s Place exists to help bereaved parents find a place of comfort and healing in a Christian environment.

Tip Number 1:
Lean on Others for Help

Firstly, it helps to lean on others when you have lost a child. Although you feel alone in your grief, the truth is many share a similar sense of loss. Other members of your family and friend circle hurt, too. Let them comfort you, even if it just means sitting together in silence. Later, opportunities to discuss feelings and memories will arrive, allowing everyone to begin healing from this tremendous pain.

Tip Number 2:
Join a Support Group

As a bereaved parent, it’s possible you feel that others who have not experienced the loss of a child can’t possibly understand the depth of your grief. While this is true, there are people in your community who suffer similar heartbreak. That’s why Ian’s Place was created. It’s a space where bereaved parents come together to listen, cry, talk, and pray together. Don’t hesitate to join us—we are in the same boat and can walk with you back into the light.

Tip Number 3: Create a Comforting Routine

Unquestionably, your world gets turned upside down when you lose a child. Therefore, lots of bereaved parents take comfort when they create new routines. Make more time for yourself to check in with your feelings. Whether this means you drink a solitary cup of tea while watching the sunrise or stop for prayer at lunch is unimportant. Alternatively,, you can take a nap in the afternoon. The key is to rearrange your schedule to reflect the change you experience.

Tip 4: Prepare for Long-term Pain

After the funeral and memorial services are finished, bereaved parents often struggle to resume their normal lives. Emphatically, it is important to be gentle with yourself at this lonely time. Coping with the loss of a child is an ongoing process. There will be valleys of shadows, followed by periods of relative calm. You are not on a timetable. There are no deadlines to meet when it comes to grief.

One of the best ways to cope is to listen to yourself. When you feel overwhelmed, take a break. Do kind things for yourself. Specifically, this can involve remembering your child by looking at old photos, discussing fond memories, or listening to special music. In the event you need a distraction, give yourself permission to go for a walk or take a bath. Similarly, you can watch a movie or engage in any other distraction that brings relief.

Tip 5: Seek Professional Help When Coping with the Loss

Regardless of your upbringing or beliefs, professional help can help when coping with the loss of a child. Indeed, many bereaved parents feel like all the rules change after they lose their child. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with seeing a counselor, social worker, or doctor as a means to deal with your grief. You don’t have to discuss this decision with anyone; simply do it for yourself.

Particularly at the beginning of professional help sessions, you may discuss issues other than the loss of your child. That’s perfectly fine. The important thing is to talk to someone with professional training outside of your circle. These conversations allow you to express your feelings in a safe place where you won’t feel judged or shamed.

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We Meet Bereaved Parents Where They Are

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Tip 6: Avoid Negative People to Help Deal with the Loss of a Child

Everyone deals with grief differently. Nevertheless, it helps to avoid people who are insensitive to your feelings. Feel free to ignore messages and texts that upset you. Instead, reach out to others who are patient, compassionate, and empathetic.

You are not obligated to endure painful conversations or thoughtless comments. On the contrary, you can surround yourself with people who respect your feelings and offer acceptance.

Coping with the Loss of a Child Tip 7: Find Creative Outlets

In truth, many bereaved parents can’t make sense of their feelings. Their shock is so overwhelming they can’t connect with their emotions. This is where creative outlets can help. By all means, pick up a sketch pad, musical instrument, journal, or paintbrush if you feel empty or confused. Allow your imagination to express what you can’t put into words. Surprisingly, bereaved parents often feel better when they take a few moments to sketch, write, or play music.

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Tip 8: Perform Acts of Kindness

As bereaved parents ourselves, we know how it feels to lose a child. It is painful to have no place to put the love and concern you gave to your child. Consequently, relief can come when you perform acts of kindness for others. You can plant a tree in your child’s memory, do volunteer work at a hospital, or donate money to a charity.  In other words, find a way to express the love for your child. It really does help.

Tip 9: Take Care of Your Health

To be sure, it’s easy to neglect yourself when coping with the loss of a child. Nothing else seems to matter. However, it’s important to know that a nutritious diet, light exercise, and regular sleep can ease the pain you experience. Go easy with yourself and eat a piece of fruit with every meal. Take a walk before or after work. Stay away from screens for an hour before bed. With this intention, you give your system a chance to get better.

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Tip 10: Remember, You Are Not Alone

Undoubtedly, bereaved parents experience terrible trauma. By all means, you have every right to be upset, angry, and grief-stricken while coping with the loss of a child. At Ian’s Place, we provide a safe place to find comfort and healing in a Christian environment. To that end, we have several different kinds of support groups. Whether you want one-on-one consultations, a weekly Bible study, a couple’s support meeting, or a grief support group, we can help. Reach out—we are here for you.

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