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In the unwelcome quiet after loss, where words often fail and the path ahead seems uncertain, remember that togetherness can become a sanctuary. You are not meant to walk this tender road alone.

Here, we stand shoulder to shoulder, holding space for your grief, offering a hand in the darkest times, and honoring the love that never fades.

Together, we seek hope amidst heartache—a collective strength found in the connection with one another.

togetherness with other bereaved parents

Through empathy, shared stories, and an unwavering supportive community, we walk alongside you. Here, within our circle of care, we hope you find a sanctuary where the essence of togetherness nurtures hope and where the light of shared love continues to shine brightly even in your moments of solitude.


Here we celebrate together, celebrate a Dad who revisited a dream that his daughter always encouraged. He’s back in the band!

Cheers to a wonderful night with my favorite people that I wish I never met and yet I thank God for everyday ?

From Strangers to Family

Written by Julie Pasderetz

We walked into Ian’s Place as strangers, sharing a new reality that none of us wanted. A broken world, shattered by the loss of our children. Not sure of who we were anymore. If we could go on, did we even want to? Struggling to breathe. How can we withstand the pain? Asking God why. Praying for a different reality. Begging.

As time went by, those strangers became a family. We sit together, we cry, we hold hands, we tell our story as many times as we need to, we listen, some days we shout in anger, some days we smile talking about them. We try to make sense of it. We ask God why, and most importantly, we pray. Together.

We are bonded, tied together. Moms and dads of angels. We are Ian’s Place.

We hold on. We hold on to each other. We live for court kids. To tell their stories, to keep their memories alive. We hold on.

Strangers that the unimaginable made family. We are Ian’s Place.

And even though our hearts are hurting, we gather for the holiday and we try and smile with our new favorite people that we wish we never met, but thank God for every day.

Christmas with Ian’s Place

In the gentle hush of winter, as the festive songs softly echo and Christmas nears, we are reminded of the heartfelt importance of togetherness.

Christmas 2023

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